New movie Girls, Guns & Gangs to be Produced & Directed by Rick Lee & Maria Alexandra

Hollywood Stars Production announces the development for Girls, Guns & Gangs! The movie will be Produced & Directed by Rick Lee & Maria Alexandra. “An upper middle class family in a small country town, with a daughter, moves to the big city. The daughter meets a boy while in school, he is a persistent charmer with a secret dark side… his father is a cartel leader of the biggest human trafficking ring. The boy is spoiled and controlling, he is violent and abusive. He knows that he can get away with whatever he wants because his father runs the big city. Stephanie wants out of the relationship, but he won’t let her break up with him, claiming that if he can’t have her then nobody will! If she doesn’t submit to his command he will make her and her family disappear without a trace. Stephanie’s girlfriend from school gives her a piece of paper with a telephone number to a cousin in a girl gang who can help her seek protection from a gang with power! She gets initiated into the gang with the plan to stop her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Once she achieves this she knows she will be free! What she doesn’t realize is, that once you’re in the gang you can’t get out! Stephanie goes missing and later through a school friend… Stephanie’s parents ┬ádiscovers that she has joined a gang. They hire some elite undercover cops to go in and find their daughter. The action is just beginning to start! Get ready for the ride of your life! Girls, Guns & Gangs 2017 go and visit the movie Girls, Guns & Gangs on or at